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FILMS AND DOCUMENTARIES. The Racial Equity and Social Justice Advisor’ s role is to coordinate, facilitate and surface innovation, strategies and plans and to vet these with a comprehensive and strategic set of stakeholders for feedback and revision. Created Date: 4/ 19/ 1: 07: 36 PM.
This section provides selected examples of racial equity work focused on organizational and community change. Year Racial Equity Plans. ” RSJI’ s Racial Equity Toolkit guides work teams across City government to write budgets, evaluate programs and shape new initiatives. Organizing Against Racism groups help graduates of REI trainings move from awareness to analysis to action in creating racial equity. What are Racial Equity Impact Assessments? Louis Park, Minnesota, released a statement on its website informing residents of plans to advance racial equity.

Continuous cycle of focus on racial equity and cultural proficiency that continues to build leader, teacher, and staff capacity, and; Racial Equity Curriculum Development and Related Instructional Practices. As a government agency, Metro is committed to advancing racial equity as the key strategic direction to eliminate the stark racial disparities in quality of life among the people who live in the Portland metropolitan region. External Resources Recommended by the Racial Equity in the Food System Workgroup. A Racial Equity Impact Assessment ( REIA) is a systematic examination of how different racial and ethnic groups will likely be affected by a proposed action or decision. The plan is updated every two years, based on ongoing, collaborative evaluation by staff and community members.

Home / Plan / Action plan. ( ) Research Is Action: Disparity, Poverty, and the Need for New. Racial Equity Training: NCWWI 1- page Summary This document summarizes a study that examines participant knowledge and attitudes about race, engagement in racial equity work, and organizational progress on racial equity following participation in Undoing RacismTM Workshops. 8 NATIONAL LEAGUE OF CITIES MUNICIPAL ACTION GUIDE ADVANCING RACIAL EQUITY IN YOUR CITY Advancing Racial Equity in Your City The City of St. If you would like to participate or speak to someone please contact Dani Ledezma. It is an internal working document that will guide racial equity work for the next two years. What is the Racial Equity Action Plan? This manual also pro- vides guidance and tools to conduct this research. This manual provides guidance for local governments to develop their own Racial Equity Action Plans after a period of research and information gathering. The toolkit provides resources to support you in working through the impacts of a crisis within the school, as well as creating intervention and maintenance plans outside of a crisis.

The goal is institutional and structural change, which requires resources to implement: time, money, skills, and effort. Racial Equity Tools: Racial Equity Tools is a website designed to support individuals and groups working to achieve racial equity. Often published as a physical booklet or online manual, these plans give community members, stakeholders and colleagues a means for holding their government accountable and a benchmark from which to build trust.

Last year, staff saw the need for youth to have a voice in the racial equity discussions occurring around the city. PORTLAnD CITy & BuREAu LEADERshIP RACIAL EQuITy sTRATEGy GuIDE 3 GOAL 2 Develop a bureau specific racial equity strategy with measurable targets Racial equity belongs at all levels of government. For example, HR Director provides racial equity updates at all- staff meetings, Senior Managers report on Plan progress on a monthly basis, and Senior Managers provide and check- ins and status.

The Government Alliance on Race and Equity is pleased to share the new “ Racial Equity Toolkit: An Opportunity to Operationalize Equity”. The resources and tools in this section are intended to help groups create an action plan to reach racial equity goals, and to do so using more racially equitable processes – that is, ones that acknowledge systemic and individual privilege, racism and power. Plans are being developed after a period of research and information gathering by each bureau. Guides & Workshops.

Racialequitytools. County employees participating in the national Government Alliance on Race and Equity ( GARE) initiative created the draft Racial Equity Action Plan following a year of study. The Racial Equity Roadmap.

Equity is appearing more and more in the news and in policies, we believe is important to distinguish between the two. It is an optional tool for bureaus to assess themselves before developing Plans. Does the racial and ethnic makeup of your city workforce reflect the general demographics of your city?
8 june strategic plan to advance racial equity, diversity and inclusion A focus on racial equity supports all The Strategic Plan to Advance Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, referred to hereafter as the “ Strategic Plan”, is the culmination of. If you answer “ yes” to one or more of the questions below, contact the League of Minnesota Cities to learn more about race equity resources. To achieve racial equity in City of Seattle services, departments have begun to ask themselves a simple question: “ How does this action further racial equity? Whether one is listening to the radio, reading the newspaper, or attending a conference, we are hearing “ calls to action” such as “ we need gender equity; ” “ embrace racial equity” or “ we demand education equity. This toolkit is designed to support you and your community in creating a plan and action steps for intervention and maintenance of a more accepting culture.

The Racial Equity Action Plan guides MPRB’ s racial equity agenda through five main goals and actions to support each goal. Whites For Racial Equity RACIAL EQUITY IS REALIZED WHEN RACE CAN NO LONGER BE USED TO PREDICT LIFE OUTCOMES, AND OUTCOMES OF ALL GROUPS ARE IMPROVED from the Local and Regional Government Alliance on Race and Equity, see link to " The Racial Equity Action Plans: A How To Manual" below. The webpage outlined more than a year of work, including completed staff trainings,. Org, a site created by Maggie Potapchuk, MP Associates, and Sally Leiderman, Center for Assessment and Policy Development, in with contributions from many individuals and organizations working on racial equity.

Metro’ s commitment. It captures ongoing work from the past years, work that was initiated this year, and new initiatives. Strategy: Implement a racial equity lens Action( s) : Management consistently champions racial equity goals through the work of the Bureau. Cedar Rapids Community School District Equity Action Plan/ 17/ 15 Rationale The Equity Gap™ is a belief that the racial and diversity achievement gap is an effect of the “ gaps” in education. REIAs are used to minimize unanticipated adverse consequences in a variety of contexts, including the analysis of proposed policies. Racial equity plans ensure that every area of the city has an opportunity for positive change and real impact.

Resources describing various frameworks and other ways of thinking about institutional change in a general way are located in the Organizational Change process. Guided by input from many regional partners and informed by research, Metro has identified racial equity as the approach to ensure that all people who live, work and recreate in the Portland region have the opportunity to share in and help define a thriving, livable and prosperous place. Racial equity action plans a how to manual.

Offer your congregation as a host location for the Bishop’ s Committee racial reconciliation seminar. Strategic Plan to Advance Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion| Winter – Discussion Draft 9. January 16, Racial Equity in the Food System 101. Watch and discuss the following documentaries and films:.
Several glossary terms have been reproduced with permission from www. The two are among seven Minnesota cities participating in the second year of a racial equity cohort project that is a partnership between the League of Minnesota Cities ( LMC) and the national Government Alliance on Race and Equity ( GARE). Action Plan Examples. This manual provides guidance for local governments to develop their own racial equity action plans after a period of research and information gathering, including advice and tools for conducting this research. • Review the district’ s yearly objective( s) and implementation strategies, and find out what activities have been implemented and which still need to be done. It establishes timelines, accountability, and performance measures for each action. Should your city be concerned with race equity? Cities like Red Wing and Mankato think so, as they try to turn ideals into action. GARE created a Racial Equity Action. The Board will hear a request from the County Administrator to adopt the Marin County Racial Equity Action Plan.

In partnership with youth members, staff developed the Junior Players Student Council ( JPSC) to guide a long- term strategic plan to use arts to address social issues such as racial equity and inclusion. An articulated racial equity curriculum will be implemented in Grades K - 12. Developing a racial equity. Racial equity tools are designed to integrate explicit consideration of racial equity in decisions, including policies, practices, programs and budgets.

Read the district' s Affirmative Action ( AA) file, current comprehensive equity plan, and status of corrective action plans for the three- year cycle. A Racial Equity Roadmap assessment1 was created by the former Citywide Equity Committee. These guides and workshops can provide structure for having a dialogue on issues of race, activities focused on helping achieve racial equity and trainings designed to raise awareness and inspire action. Using the filters below, you can view the guides and workshops based on areas of focus, related issues and/ or types. However, the goal we seek is not a plan. Racial Equity Action Plans can put a theory of change into action to achieve a collective vision of racial equity.

REIAs are used to minimize unanticipated adverse consequences in a variety of contexts, including the analysis of proposed policies, institutional practices, programs, plans. ( Leadership Conference Education Fund & The Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality’ s Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative) Racial Equity Action Plans: A How- to Manual ( Government Alliance on Race & Equity). The Racial Equity Policy is grounded in the academic literature on the most potent gap closing strategies, acknowledging the unique position of PSESD as a largely intermediary organization that provides only a.
Municipal Action Guide– Preparing for the Census ( National League of Cities) Why a Fair and Accurate Census Matters. Every bureau serves a unique role in the city’ s operations and has an opportunity to significantly improve racial equity. Building internal infrastructure to advance racial equity. Plans can drive institutional and structural change.

In addition, the plan’ s framework establishes priorities, timelines, accountability, and performance measures. Of action, build momentum, and make sustainable progress towards their racial equity goals.

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