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Section 11 repeats just the summary lines as a quick reference. BlueJ is a development environment for programming beginner to develop Java programs quickly and easily. These are the instructions for the generic BlueJ installer ( the installer " for other operating systems" ). The BlueJ Environment Reference Manual, Version 2. After BlueJ starts and an project open this extension is avalible in the Tools menu under the name " Simple GUI Extension". Manual, available from the BlueJ web site ( www. This manual is an introduction to using the BlueJ programming environment. From the Project menu.

This allows users already familiar with parts of the system to decide whether they want to read or skip each particular section. Bluej manual. Th is web- based user manual is prepared for Java programming beginners who are unfamiliar with the Blue J. Every section starts with a one- line summary sentence.
Adding and deleting components Components are being added on the main canvas via Drag and drop. This installer can be used on most Unix- like operating systems as well as Mac OS X and Windows. It was designed and implemented by the BlueJ team at Deakin University,. Use the file selection dialog to. BlueJ is a Java™ development environment specifically designed for teaching at an introductory level. 0 2 1 Projects 1.
How can the answer be improved? Shortcut: — To create a new project, start BlueJ. A file selection dialog will open.

1 Create a new project menu: Project/ New Project.

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